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Our vacuum department includes two furnaces with a range of capability second to none in the Northeast

We have an ultimate vacuum capability of 10-5 torr. Our vacuum quench furnaces can quench work from temperatures as high as 2300F (1260C). We use nitrogen or argon for quenching at pressures up to 60 psig (5 bar). Our continuous pressure quench furnace is unique in that it is capable of producing cool rates approaching that of oil yet with minimal distortion associated with gas quenching. We routinely hardens 4340, 4130 materials in section sizes up to 1/4" nominal.

Rhode Island Heat Treating utilizes pressure quenching furnaces using 2 and 6 bar pressure, gases are nitrogen 2 and 6 bar and argon at 2 bar.

Vacuum integral oil quenching is a specialty at Rhode Island Heat Treating. In addition to the hardening HHT provides deep freezing as well as air, atmosphere and vacuum tempering of your products.

Let Rhode Island Heat Treating quote you on your bearing heat treating requirements.

Vacuum Oil

Gas Quench

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