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Specializing in Atmosphere Brazing, Furnace Brazing  and Vacuum Heat Brazing

Atmosphere Brazing

Rhode Island Heat Treating can provide atmosphere batch brazing in a low temperature application i.e. under 1250F. We also provide furnace brazing in atmosphere utilizing a belt type furnace.

The centerpiece of our atmosphere department is a high production brazing work cell. This cell has a clean room for assembly, a straight through conveyor with a 54" heat zone for high production. We braze stainless steel, nickel and copper alloys, mild steel and steel to copper/brass using gold, silver, copper and nickel alloys without flux. We perform glass to metal sealing of both compression and match seal type. The atmosphere department also includes three bell type furnaces for aging, tempering, low temperature brazing and soldering. Numerous air furnaces and a deep freeze unit round out the department.

Atmosphere Brazing

Vacuum Heat Brazing

We provide batch vacuum brazing with high temperatures up to 2150F. We process in both batch and continuous furnaces. Rhode Island Heat Treating utilizes high purity argon and nitrogen for back filling and quenching. Rhode Island Heat Treating routinely brazes components for the Aerospace, Medical, Military and Petroleum/Chemical Industries. We can help with assembling and fixturing requirements for your parts. Vacuum Heat Brazing
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